User Management

Drupal, WordPress and Shopify are capable of robust user handling. We know how to organize your user management tools, including managing roles and permissions, account notifications, and best practices for member or subscription based sites.

Learn the best practices and full possibilities of user management on your site

Content management systems like Drupal and WordPress are also user management systems. Your site may offer entirely different user experiences to your users, based on whether they are anonymous users (not logged in), authenticated users (logged in customers), or admin users (logged in users with ability to edit the site).

As an admin, your login gives you the keys to the castle. You can perform do all things including the most sensitive tasks like building reports, manage users, and view leads and sales activity, etc. But your editorial team may only need admin layer access to create, edit and publish new content. 

Whereas yours customers need ability to do customer things, like:

  • registering for a tiered membership
  • responding to an automated email to activate their membership
  • editing their member profile
  • using special links to member-only content on your site
  • referring others and receiving perks for doing so
  • etc

Fine-tuning access for what appears on your site, where, when, and for whom

We have experience helping our clients make their site more dynamic and interactive with user management tools.  

Setting up roles and permissions in your CMS so that you control the exposure of content is a great way to turn your site into an engagement machine. For some of our clients, this represents a big part of their business offering, like creating gated content for users given reading privileges (while keeping others out). Or some may have a subscription model, where in exchange for subscription fees (ecommerce), your users get access to paid content.  

Do these customers need to manage their membership, and edit their profile? This is also user management.  And how can you track all their changes and activity? We can make sure that all of this is logged and available for you to run reports.

How our User Management team can help you

Gated Content

Gated content is any content hidden behind a “gate” requiring a triggering action to open the gate (usually a customer filling out a lead form). We can control this by granting them a new role once the form submits.


In a subscription model, users gain access subscribed content over an interval of time, during which you provide them with privileged content, subscription level info and renewal instructions. Managing the user experience and delivery of subscribed content involves roles and permissions interfacing with ecommerce.


Membership models include a range of engaging member-only content and/or features, typically contained in a member section of the site, closed off from the non-members, sometimes divided further into tiers. Members need to be able to manage their account.

Custom Roles and Permissions

An endless number of site requirements can be enabled to flow out of the roles and permissions features that Drupal and WordPress ship with. Add on modules and plugins also extend the functionality of the site for your users.


User logs record the activities of authenticated users on your site. When a site member reports a potential issue, you can find in the logs where, when and what happened (in code, data, server, or hosting) to help determine the validity and scope of the problem. We can set up custom logging to give you extra vision behind the scenes.

User Management case studies

“From providing support when needed to project leadership when asked, the Entermedia team has always come through for us. We’ve been counting on Entermedia for five years to maintain several high-traffic websites in a competitive space, and have also engaged them for custom design/development projects. This crew does not disappoint. Not only have they enhanced our users’ frontend experience, improving engagement and search performance, they’ve also simplified and streamlined our backend experience, making all of our jobs easier. And we know Entermedia has our back and will reply within minutes via slack or email if we need them. Where would we be without them? Don’t want to know.”

John W.

Englewood Health

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