Your website is a powerful, versatile, and flexible business asset. Through documentation, demonstrations, info sessions, and more, we can help you and your team understand how to get the most out of your web tools.

Your most important digital asset for your business should never be a mystery to you

If you don’t fully understand how your content management system works, you’re limiting your site’s potential. 

All too often, site owners either don’t remember or never quite learned how to use the tools that were built for them. This leads to frustration the next time they want to update content or tweak their system, and they don’t know where to start. Afraid they will break the site if they make a mistake, they waste time and energy tip-toeing through the CMS, and sticking only to what they know.  Worse, they can talk themselves out of trying new ideas, because it all seems too difficult.

Luckily, it’s a fixable problem. You just need training and some repetitions operating your system. List your questions and schedule some time with us to demonstrate how to get the most out of your Drupal or WordPress content management features.

For example, we can train you to master editorial tasks like:

  • publishing and editing web pages
  • understanding image displays and image specs
  • optimizing images for best performance
  • using tagging systems correctly

Documentation, demos, info sessions, and more to help your team get the most out of your web tools

When you and your editorial can confidently and efficiently operate your digital publishing tools, you can truly practice agile marketing.

You’ll save time and money by doing the day to day publishing and content marketing work yourself, and only contacting your dev team for your more advanced change requests.  

How our Training team can help you

Drupal Training

Learn the key concepts, step by step tutorials, and practical advice to master your  Drupal content management system.  Drupal’s robust publishing system is generally less beginner-friendly compared to WordPress, but once you grasp the basic workflow you will appreciate its versatility.

WordPress Training

Whether you need to start with the publishing basics (login procedure, dashboard walkthrough, adding new posts and pages, using images and other media) or want to master using your site stats reporting options, redirection, or deep dive into search engine optimization tools, we’ve got you covered.

Elementor Training

Elementor has established itself as the ultimate visual page builder for WordPress. With a simple drag and drop interface and amazing plentitude of features, the sky is the limit. But with so much abundance of options, it’s easy to create inconsistencies with your site styles. We can train you to use Elementor (free) and Elementor Pro tools efficiently.

Custom Training

Whatever you need training for on your website, we’re here to help. SEO training, ecommerce training, custom user management, using analytics tools, etc…we have experience and knowledge to share with you.  Let us set up a screenshare demo, record an explainer video, write documentation, etc for individuals or groups.  

Staging Environments

Sometimes you need your own sandbox to experiment with content and configuration. We can create a dev environment that mirrors your live site in every way, except it’s not public facing. Use this to train your team on, without fear or publishing a mistake to your live environment.

Training case studies

Tell us about your project!

We’ve said a lot about what we can do. Now tell us about your goals and upcoming projects.

Always a free, no-obligation consultation. If you have a time-sensitive need, please let us know.

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