We automate notification, testing and deployment of all security updates to ensure any emerging vulnerabilities get fixed as soon as they are available.

Security best practices are baked in to everything we do

Websites across the internet get hacked and attacked everyday, usually because site owners accidentally left themselves exposed to misadventure. 

If this has ever happened to you, we hope you were merely inconvenienced by it. Other’s have lost significant time, money and reputation in events like these. Don’t let it happen to you.

Cybercriminals look for easy targets. It takes discipline to keep up with all security updates and follow best practices in regards to modern security protocols. But it’s very doable. When you’re on top of your security standards, you have peace of mind that your site can withstand probing or attack. Hackers are practical—when they see you’re protected, they have less motivation to try something.

Site security requires discipline,  technology, and a smart web team on your side

Many organizations do not have in-house capability to maintain all their site’s preventative security measures. We provide a comprehensive range of of security services to protect our clients most important digital asset, including:

  • encrypting all pages of your site with https
  • preparing, testing and deploying all core and plugin/module security updates for WordPress or Drupal
  • implementing security updates for all third party tools
  • auditing and reconciling vulnerabilities involving data safety and retention
  • configuring user roles and permissions to mitigate risks of a team member losing control of their account
  • managing automatic backups, so you can restore your site to previous version in case of emergency
  • enabling multi-factor authentication and single sign-on, minimum password strengths and authentication logging

Peace of mind with Pantheon security features

Our preferred hosting platform partner, Pantheon, provides cutting edge security standards. Pantheon complies with SOC 2, GDPR, FERPA, EU-US & US-Swiss Privacy Shield.  They also offer industry-leading protection for denial-of-service attacks and dedicated resources in times of need, among an impressive range of security features and built-in architectural safeguards.

How our Security team can help you

HTTPS everywhere

HTTPS protects the security and data integrity for your website and your site visitors. Sites not running under HTTPS are penalized in SEO results and browsers warn users to stay away from them. We’ll make sure that all your pages are served with HTTPs, even if you don’t host your site on Pantheon.

Let's Encrypt

Our clients using Pantheon have it easy. Pantheon is the only hosting platform where you can get fully managed, free HTTPS on a CDN…forever. In partnership with Let’s Encrypt, Pantheon provides high-grade end-to-end encryption for all sites using its platform.

Site Monitoring

Pantheon runs over a million checks a day to proactively monitor network, server, and application resources. Beyond this, we can implement and customize WordPress and Drupal plugins and modules to inform us when something is wrong on your website, as well as third party monitoring integrations.

Protection During Attacks

Pantheon’s Global CDN provides industry-leading web application firewall rules and DDoS Protection filtering. Pantheon provides dedicated resources when you’re under attack and prevents impact between customer websites, as do we. As your development team, we’ll interface with Pantheon to protect your most important digital assets.

Automated Security Updates

Vulnerabilities in open source core and plugins occur as a byproduct of community innovation. Drupal and WordPress security updates need to be taken seriously. We provide automated nightly checks for core and contributed modules and plugins and automated workflows for applying, testing, and deploying updates.

Security case studies

“From providing support when needed to project leadership when asked, the Entermedia team has always come through for us. We’ve been counting on Entermedia for five years to maintain several high-traffic websites in a competitive space, and have also engaged them for custom design/development projects. This crew does not disappoint. Not only have they enhanced our users’ frontend experience, improving engagement and search performance, they’ve also simplified and streamlined our backend experience, making all of our jobs easier. And we know Entermedia has our back and will reply within minutes via slack or email if we need them. Where would we be without them? Don’t want to know.”

John W.

Englewood Health

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