Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web applications allow you to deliver a super fast native app-like experience using modern web features. 

PWAs deliver a content rich, super fast app-like experience

We’ve been building web applications since our earliest days, whenever our clients need transactional, quick data-processing widgets on their site…such as a BMI calculator, or a voting precinct finder. 

Progressive web apps—or PWAs for short—represent a new breed of user experience, where your web app becomes more like a native app downloaded from the app store:

  • lightning fast (like a native app)
  • works whether you’re connected to internet or not (like a native app)
  • installable to your phone (like a native app)
  • can be indexed by search engines (like a web page)
  • can be shared as a link (like a web page)
  • works in all browsers and all devices (like a web page)
  • etc

How can your website use progressive web apps to boost user engagement?

We can enable the core features that make your web app a true progressive web app:

  • Discoverable – find its contents in search engines
  • Installable – install it on your phone’s home screen or app launcher
  • Linkable:  share it by simply sending a URL
  • Network independent: use it offline or with a poor network
  • Progressive: works even on older browsers, but it’s fully-functional on the latest ones
  • Re-engageable: send push notifications when new content becomes available.
  • Responsive:  right-size it on any screen and a browser—smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart watches, TVs, etc.
  • Safe:  secure all connections against any third parties trying to reach sensitive data.

More and more organizations are implementing progressive web app features like push notifications and offline access to boost engagement with their site visitors, especially in the mobile category. Don’t forget that mobile web browsing amounts to about half of web traffic worldwide. PWAs enable an optimal user experience for your mobile site visitors

Talk to us about developing PWA features that extend your site’s features further than they’ve gone before

How our Progressive Web Apps team can help you

Push Notifications

We can help you send updates directly from server to app via a service worker, and generate system notifications to help re-engage users when they’re not actively using their web browser. System notifications and push messages keep users engaged users and boost conversion rates.

Network Independence

When a user visits a website with a PWA the first time, content will be downloaded, cached, and stored locally on the user’s device. The web page will continue to load (and quickly) no matter if the user has poor connectivity, or no connection at all.

Progressive Enhancement

A progressive web app will fit any form factor (desktop, mobile, tablet, or forms yet to emerge) and work on any browser. Progressive enhancement architecture ensures core webpage content first, then progressively adds layers of presentation and features on top of the content as the end-user’s browser/internet connection allow.

App-like Performance

Subsequent to the initial page loading, the same content and page elements do not have to be re-downloaded or re-rendered again.  PWAs load nearly instaneously from the second visit. Faster performance equals more engagement and improved conversion rates.

“From providing support when needed to project leadership when asked, the Entermedia team has always come through for us. We’ve been counting on Entermedia for five years to maintain several high-traffic websites in a competitive space, and have also engaged them for custom design/development projects. This crew does not disappoint. Not only have they enhanced our users’ frontend experience, improving engagement and search performance, they’ve also simplified and streamlined our backend experience, making all of our jobs easier. And we know Entermedia has our back and will reply within minutes via slack or email if we need them. Where would we be without them? Don’t want to know.”

John W.

Englewood Health

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