ADA Compliance

We audit your site, identify solutions for structural or content issues, and implement design and development accessibility best practices that will make your site ADA compliant ensuring that your site works well for all your users.   

If your website isn’t accessible, it should be

Accessibility is plainly the right thing to do—in the name of inclusivity—as well as being good for business. 

Ensuring access for users with disability broadens your opportunity to communicate with millions of customers.  Consider that 8.1 million Americans have a vision impairment, and may rely on assistive technology like a screen magnifier or a screen reader to use your website.

Fixing issues that hinder accessibility are not usually not difficult, and the ROI is a no-brainer…especially so when you realize that you could be sued for discrimination under the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act. That potentiality would be far more expensive than auditing and fixing accessibility issues proactively.

A recent study by WebAim found the following detectable WCAG2 failures across one million of the most popular homepage on the web.

  • 86.3% of pages had low contrast text
  • 66% of pages had missing alternative text for images. 
  • 59.9% of pages had empty links
  • 33.10% of pages had missing document language
  • 28% of pages had empty buttons
To spotlight one common issue:  low contrast text is simple to remedy, (changing font colors) but probably affects the largest number of your users, even those who wouldn’t consider themselves disabled (people over 65 with deteriorating vision, people with colorblindness, people who are low vision, users with severe astigmatism).

Find and fix your accessibility issues

We have delivered ADA audits and compliance projects, which are typically short and painless projects, delivering measurable reductions and/or eliminations of ADA compliance issues, as well as peace of mind for site owners.on

How our ADA Compliance team can help you

ADA Audit

Accessibility audits (aka ADA compliance audits) help us determine the extent of accessibility issues present on your site, breaking down the number, type, severity, and solution for each issue. Using scanning tools and human evaluation, we can help you find out what needs a content solution, design remedy, or coding fix to reach a basic or higher level of ADA compliance.


Lighthouse is an open-source, automated tool for improving the quality of web pages. It automatically checks for common issues that could prevent users from accessing your content. Each accessibility test is a simple pass or fail with the particular category’s weight contributing to an overall score. This gives us a quick reference to gauge your sites accessibility.


WAVE is an excellent free community service provided by WebAIM to evaluate the accessibility of web pages. We use WAVE evaluation tools to identify potential accessibility problems that might impact your end users. RED icons indicate accessibility errors that need to be fixed. Other icons and indicators highlight other elements that you should look at in context.

ADA Compliance case studies

Need help now?

Whether you’re dealing with a slow burn nuisance or a red-alert meltdown, we have the experience, diagnostic tools, and problem-solving skills to put out the fire. 

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