Drupal vs WordPress: Sizing Up the Difference

While you can use either Drupal or WordPress to build virtually any type of website, some projects lean more towards one CMS platform’s strengths than the other. What’s best for your project?

Magazzino exterior view
Magazzino can now send QR codes along with a visitor's booking receipt email. Now staff can simply scan the codes on visitors' phones as they arrive, for a touch-free checkin experience.

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Helping an Upstate NY Art Museum Reopen Safely During Covid-19
When Magazzino needed to modify their reservation booking system to comply with Covid-19 safety protocols, we rapidly delivered a slate of new features to help staff welcome back visitors.

Aug 13, 2020. This week we are working on:

Custom Development

Creating smart admin tools for a client to manage current and future bookings on their site

Due Diligence

Building scope and estimates for several Drupal 7 to Drupal 9 migration projects


Getting familiar with Lando, for local development dependency management and automation

ADA Compliance

Deploying a round of accessibility improvements across a corporate firm's website

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Drupal 9
Drupal says that D7 will be supported an extra year, but not D8. Should you now migrate from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9, instead of going to Drupal 8 first?
Refresh Old Content hero image
You may not realize how easy—and beneficial—it is to refresh old content and keep it relevant beyond its original publishing date.

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