Who We Are

We deliver pixel-perfect content-managed (CMS) websites, ecommerce stores, and web applications.  Our team can build to suit, fix a project gone wrong, or add new features to an existing project.  We offer maintenance, support, and performance tuning services.  We build responsive sites that provide a consistent quality experience on mobile and desktop devices.  

We specialize in Drupal, but depend on tools such as Sass, Compass, Javascript / jQuery, Solr, Git, and 3rd party APIs to deliver our projects.  

Leadership Team

Ethan Worrel

Ethan Worrel interfaces with ENTERMEDIA clients, design teams, and development team to translate ideas into solid UX / Architecture decisions and straightforward user stories. Ethan has been managing web development projects for 9 years. He has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas.

"I know I'm alive at the right time in history when a guy like Nate Silver is basically our generation's Miles Davis."

Chris Kendall
Principal, Lead Developer

Chris Kendall has been designing, testing and writing software and web applications since 1995. His background as a web designer, senior QA engineer, software engineer and development team manager brings well rounded value to every project Entermedia does. When not coding or optimizing servers, Chris stays busy playing ice hockey, watching his kids swim and play hockey and maintaining his coral reef tanks.

Campbell LeFlore
Content Strategist, Project Manager

Campbell LeFlore handles content strategy, site building, project management, client training and support roles for ENTERMEDIA projects. In his spare time, Campbell enjoys cooking, playing basketball and getting out into the Texas Hill Country with his lovely and smart wife and wildly enthusiastic daughter.

Ryan Oles
Senior Developer

Ryan Oles is an integral member of our dev team, building custom website and web applications for ENTERMEDIA projects. He's been working with Drupal since 2006. Ryan Oles' d.o username is rho_ and can be found most days in IRC as rho, or on twitter as rho_. When not wrapped up in Drupal, Ryan enjoys sharing love and life with his awesome wife Lauren, brewing beer, and getting out and about in Austin.

From Austin. Now in New York.

ENTERMEDIA was born in Austin, Texas in 2004.  

We branched out into New York City, NY in 2012.  

We help clients realize their vision. We’d love the opportunity to do the same for you.

We’re hardworking, friendly professionals with a passion for creating great web systems for our clients.  We leverage Drupal and other open source software to attack the challenges each project presents.  ENTERMEDIA web developers, content strategists, code architects, brand gurus, project managers and problem solvers take a collaborative approach with our partner firms and clients to deliver valuable solutions that yield exceptional results.