Texas Monthly

Texas Monthly hired ENTERMEDIA to develop its redesigned website in Drupal as a daily publishing platform with robust content curation tools, plentiful advertising options, and a vastly enhanced user experience.

User Stories / Problems Solved

Content Migration, Publishing Workflow, Homepage Feature Board, Promoted Content Tiles, Channel Pages, Topic Pages, Blogs, More Stories, Current Issue, Archives, Subscriber-only Paywall, Dining Guide, List Pages, Story Pages, Contributor Pages, Solr Search, Sponsored Content, Ad Serving, Comments Handling
Before Drupal Redesign
After Drupal Redesign

Creating an Impact

A primary project goal was to increase site traffic and digital revenue for texasmonthly.com. Flexible tools for ad serving and sponsored content were implemented so Texas Monthly could better tailor its offerings for ad partners.

Forty years worth of articles and images were carefully migrated into the Drupal CMS, allowing Texas Monthly editors to create an engaging and multilayered reading experience for its users.

Now the fresh new look and feel and curated content platform is hooking significantly more site visitors, and ad revenues are going up.


  • Unique Site Visitors - 57% Increase *
  • Page Views - 13% Increase *
  • Bounce Rate - 14% Decrease *
  • Digital Revenue - 36% higher than forecast for 2013 with a 20% increase year over year


*data based on March 2012 vs. March 2013

Publishing Workflow

Compared to their 40 years of award-winning print journalism experience, Texas Monthly was looking for major upgrades to its daily web publishing efforts.

We worked closely with Texas Monthly to create an editorial workflow for efficiently drafting, editing, approving and publishing web-direct content to specific content channels and/or the front page.

An example: editors have full control over how content tiles display (quote only, image only, full deck, etc), as well as where (which row, column, channel, etc) and when to display it (set live date for future, archive, full behind paywall, etc).
Texas Monthly requested a custom content type dubbed a “feature board” to tease up to six stories, topics, or blog posts within their most prime homepage real estate. Each designated area on the feature board displays the entity’s main image by default and then its title, summary, and author on the hover state, a visually-striking approach to engage site-visitors' interest right away.  Editors can quickly create a feature board by referencing entity ids to the different areas on a board...or, when the primary area is the only one referencing anything, the board is just one big image for a maximum effect. We also enabled an option to place an ad in one of the feature board areas—an attractive revenue-generating opportunity.

Texas Monthly "Feature Board"