APIECE APART partnered with ENTERMEDIA to create an e-commerce website in Drupal 7. The site features a fashion forward design and simple site architecture allowing site visitors to effortlessly access the brand and shop its beautiful collections, while the client can login to manage products, orders and customers with ease.

User Stories / Problems Solved

Drupal Commerce Implementation, Rules Based Shipping Options, Custom Theme for Vertical Product Scrolling, Blogs, Bulk Product Entry Tool, Discounts and Coupons

Elevated Basics

APIECE APART wanted more than just the requisite product shots and a shopping cart for their boutique women's clothing line of elevated basics. Web based tools to help streamline business operations were just as important as showing off their cool threads.

For example: we set up a Bulk Product Creation module allowing APAP to add all product variations from a single interface. Rather than having to individually create and maintain 24 individual skus per product, APAP only needs to set up 6 color choices and 4 different sizes within the commerce system, reducing their administrative workload.

Ease of Use

Presenting the product content in a precise way was critical to APAP. We implemented Masonry, a jQuery plugin, to the collection areas of the site so that APAP can control the order of product tiles by assigning product ‘scores’ to push them up higher in the display.

APAP also required the ability to customize shipping depending on the customer. Using Rules in the checkout process to look at shipping destination, a flat rate shipping option applies for Canada, another rate applies for other international shoppers, and three flat rate options exist for US residents.